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To start 2019, the entire Future of Entrepreneurship team joins me in wishing you and your teams an exciting year, full of energy, innovation, and success!

Autumn is once again here (soon), and we are looking forward to a fully booked seminar this year too. Many thanks.

2019 will be our organization’s 8th anniversary, and we are committed to keep on developing ourselves to meet all your needs and grow with you. Your transition to entrepreneurship is also ours. Indeed, it is a transition we have been carrying out internally for several years, from our historical businesses to FeP – a different education summit, always providing qualitative, simple and adapted solutions to today’s use cases.

We are continuing to consolidate our three brands, with, in the long term, a unified site and a single contact point for all your services. We are working to simplify and reinvent the customer experience. Your enthusiastic feedback on our new education offerings is the best incentive.

We continue to develop globally our activities, as Future of Entrepreneurship success is more than ever with its international customers.

Finally, 2019 is a crucial year for our relationship: a new partner program (which was presented a few days ago to the current partners), new support offers, and for all, regular events to meet you more often and share our passion.

Our ambition: to write with you a new page of our common adventure.


The Future of Entrepreneurship Education Pledge President


Highlighting and helping fund the top initiatives globally, making entrepreneurship a viable career pathway for everyone.

  • 300+ World’s top entrepreneurs giving back time & wealth.
  • 5K+ Mentorship hours to be donated to entrepreneurship.
  • $1B+ To be financially pledged to support entrepreneurship.

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Our Purpose:

Increase the Effectivenss and Size of the Entrepreneurship Education Field by Recruiting Entrepreneurs to Give Back.

Take Pledge

Taking the pledge makes a large impact on the field of entrepreneurship education and helps promote promote you and the causes you support. Here’s specifically what you receive by taking the pledge:

  • Receive city, state, and national media attention for you and the entrepreneurs you support.
  • Be an expert for small business media to quote year-round.
  • Support the field of entrepreneurship by encouraging other entrepreneurs to give back.
  • Be connected with top entrepreneurs globally who want to give back.
  • Demonstrate to the public that entrepreneurs are philanthropic and do are taking action to positively impact the world.
  • Be connected with the top entrepreneurship education organizations globally.
  • Help lobby the government to get entrepreneurship education into the curriculum for every student.


To inquire about taking the pledge, please email Sarah Green.

  • 500+ World’s top entrepreneurs giving back their time & wealth.
  • 5K+ Mentorship hours to be donated to entrepreneurship.
  • $1B+ To be financially pledged to support entrepreneurship.

Posture Now – Our Grubs-taker

posture nowThank you for considering taking the pledge. As many different companies join we strengthen our position and power. This is exactly what Posture Now has done and continues to do. We are immensely thankful for their support and we encourage you too to also join the pledge. You can read up on the requirement on or “Take Pledge” page.

Finally, thank you for visiting our website and considering our pledge. Should you have any questions regarding the future of entrepreneurship and the education summit contact us via e-mail or call our office.

For mor information visit About the Pledge, visit our Contact Page for contact information.