Take Pledge

Taking the pledge makes a large impact on the field of entrepreneurship education and helps promote promote you and the causes you support. Here’s specifically what you receive by taking the pledge.

  • Receive city, state, and national media attention for you and the entrepreneurs you support.
  • Be an expert for small business media to quote year-round.
  • Support the field of entrepreneurship by encouraging other entrepreneurs to give back.
  • Be connected with top entrepreneurs globally who want to give back.
  • Demonstrate to the public that entrepreneurs are philanthropic and do are taking action to positively impact the world.
  • Be connected with the top entrepreneurship education organizations globally.
  • Help lobby the government to get entrepreneurship education into the curriculum for every student.

To inquire about taking the pledge, please email Sarah Green.

  • 500+ World’s top entrepreneurs giving back their time & wealth.
  • 5K+ Mentorship hours to be donated to entrepreneurship.
  • $1B+ To be financially pledged to support entrepreneurship.