New York, NY, March 31, 2011 – 130 of the country’s top entrepreneurship leaders met at the University of Central Florida in Orlando on February 18th to discuss how the entrepreneurship education field can be scaled to help decrease global unemployment levels. Attendees included top leaders from foundations, education, government, corporations, media, and non-profit organizations that combined serve over 30 million aspiring and existing entrepreneurs per year and have given over $1 billion in donations to the field.

Over 25 short presentations from the conference are available to the public free of cost at

A major announcement from the event is the launch of a Future of Entrepreneurship Giving Pledge, similar to “The Giving Pledge” championed by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, but for the field of entrepreneurship. It brings together the world’s top entrepreneurs to give back their mentorship and wealth to the field that gave them the opportunity to be successful. Founding pledgers:

  • Jeff Hoffman (founder of
  • Jeff Sandefer (sold company for $1+ billion)
  • Naveen Jain (serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, formerly on the Forbes 400 list)
  • Doug Mellinger (serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor)
  • Rahim Fazal (29-year-old with company that has raised over $10 million)
  • Doug Fath (award-winning young entrepreneur)
  • Jason Duff (award-wining young entrepreneur)
  • Kevin Langley (serial entrepreneur and chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization)
  • Ryan Allis (26-year-old with company that has over $40 million in revenue)
  • Bryan Sims (27-year-old with company over $5 million in revenue)

Each individual taking the pledge committed to donate a certain amount of their time and wealth to the field of entrepreneurship. Those pledges can be found on

The goal for 2011 is to attract over 300 pledgers who then meet at the Summit in Washington, DC to discuss best practices for giving back to the field.

The next Summit will be November 17-19 during and in partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week ( and will tentatively be in Washington, DC.

The event was organized by Extreme Entrepreneurship Education (, sponsored by the National Chamber Foundation’s Campaign for Free Enterprise ( and in partnership with SCORE ( and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (

Some of the featured guests in attendance were:

  • Ellen Thrasher, Director, Entrepreneurship Education, Small Business Administration
  • Ken Yancey, CEO, SCORE
  • Kevin Langley, Chairman-Elect, Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • Paul Corson, Acting Director, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Commerce
  • Jonathan Ortmans, President of Global Entrepreneurship Week and Senior Fellow at Kauffman Foundation
  • Michael Hennessy, Executive Director, Coleman Foundation (has given $50M+ to entrepreneurship education)
  • Bill Morgenstern, CEO, Opportunity International (second largest microfinance bank in the world)
  • Steve Mariotti, President, National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (largest foundation promoting entrepreneurship to low-income youth)
  • Michael Schneider, President, McPherson College (Young College President in the Country)
  • Michael Delazzer, Founder of Red Box ($1B+ in revenue)
  • Jeff Hoffman, Founder of
  • David Cohen, Founder, TechStars

* * *

The Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit is an initiative of Extreme Entrepreneurship Education ( Extreme Entrepreneurship brings the country’s top young entrepreneurs together to help spread the entrepreneurial mindset on hundreds of college campuses through half-day conferences, virtual broadcasts, and a virtual business incubator. To learn about the individuals, all in their twenties, behind Extreme Entrepreneurship, visit

  • 500+ World’s top entrepreneurs giving back their time & wealth.
  • 5K+Mentorship hours to be donated to entrepreneurship.
  • $1B+ To be financially pledged to support entrepreneurship.